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When most people think about trees, they imagine the majestic beauty of a towering oak, or the delicate blooming blossoms of a cherry tree. Trees are nice to look at, but inside they are complex and fragile. Trees deal with injuries, illnesses, and are susceptible to the elements, just like humans! Just like us, trees need protection, maintenance, and care provided by professionals.

All trees need treatment when they’re sick, and support as they grow, even the hearty and tough trees native to Ontario. No matter what your tree is going through, Zap’s tree service has the expertise to find the problem and provide a solution. From tree trimming to stump removal, Zap’s can do it!

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Complete Tree Removal

Stump Removal


Lot Clearing

Construction Planning and Tree Preservation

Cabling and Bracing

Tree Planting

Tree Fertilizing

Tree Disease and Insect Control

We Will Go Out on a Limb For You

At Zap’s, we have the expertise, equipment, and advanced certifications to care for trees throughout their lifespan. From planting and fertilizing a young tree, to tree trimming and disease prevention as the tree grows, branch removal after a storm, and dead tree removal, we can help you care for every tree on your property.

Our team of tree experts and certified utility arborists is ready to tackle even the most difficult tree challenges. We are certified to work on trees around power lines and have the equipment to get up close and personal with even the highest branches, whether they need to be pruned, removed, or cleared of an insect infestation.

Just Leaf it to Us

If you have been shopping around for local tree care services, your search can end with Zap’s! Our comprehensive suite of expert tree maintenance services are designed to address the unique needs of our clients, while offering guidance and insight through every step of the process.

We are familiar with all native trees varieties in the Southwestern Ontario area, as well as countless other trees that grow well in other areas of Ontario. Whether you have specific tree questions, or just need someone to get a tree maintenance job done, just call Zap’s! Some of our most popular services are listed below, but please let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for. If trees are involved, we can most likely do it!

At Zap’s, safety is our priority, that includes the safety of your property, neighbouring properties and of course the safety of all of our employees. Our services are backed by over five million dollars of liability insurance, and our employees are covered by WSIB.

Since bi-laws differ in the areas we serve, our ongoing communication with various city organizations allows us to ensure that our work meets the legal specifications of each region. We strive to maintain our high standard of work while adhering to each area’s unique requirements.