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    If it’s a tree, part of a tree, the stump of a tree, Zap’s can take care of it! At Zap’s, tree care is our business, and we will stop at nothing to deliver expert service to customers in and around the St. Thomas and London Ontario region.

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    If you have questions about trees, Zap’s has the answers! From tips about the best trees to plant in London, to guidance about tree branches near power lines, tree roots in your yard, insect infestations, and tree diseases, Zap’s has the knowledge and expertise to handle your tree-related concerns.

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    Consider Zap’s your tree support lifeline! From helpful tree care advice, to on-site services like tree pruning, stump removal, lot clearing, chipping, trimming, and more, Zap’s can get the job done and leave you with answers to your questions. Zap’s is available when you need them, with 24-hour emergency storm services.