24-Hour Emergency Storm Services

Storms are unpredictable, and high winds, lightning, pouring rain, and heavy snow can compromise the strength and integrity of your trees.

When branches break and trees fall during storms, many safety concerns arise, leaving homeowners feeling powerless. Zap’s offers 24-hour emergency storm services to keep your property protected in all weather conditions. When the unexpected happens, you can expect care and service from Zap’s.

Trees or heavy branches can fall on our homes, power lines, and vehicles during storms, leaving us with a mess to clean up and countless safety concerns. Zap’s team of utility arborists is certified to work around power lines, allowing us to safely remove broken branches or tackle fallen tree removal, as well trimming or cutting trees or branches that threaten to fall on power lines, structures, or vehicles.

Since every storm is different, and our team can’t be everywhere at once, response time, associated costs, and work details will depend on the specific circumstances of each customer and the area they live in. In order to provide transparency, we will always be up front about premium costs associated with night calls and specific details of any additional work we suggest.

If you’re ready to learn more about Zap’s Tree Service 24-Hour Emergency Storm Services, contact us today!